Since 2010 I've been paying the monthly fees for this NING site, about a year ago the cost tripled, I've looked into ways to raise money, I've asked Tourism NB to help out since they link to us for their Birdwatching Info.  

I could allow advertising but that means upgrading the site and a larger monthly fee.  Paid membership is out of the question, it too costs more and the site doesn't cost that much. 

I did start a PATREON ACCOUNT (under Birding New Brunswick) but it seems complicated and after a couple hours filling out forms I'm not sure if it even works.

If anyone knows of a related business that would like to support us in exchange for a mention and link to a website please let them know.  

Or if anyone would like to help out with a very small contribution that would be wonderful too.  



On Jimmy Dee's advice I started a gofundme campaign.  That seems perfect, we can do it once a year like PBS.

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The Co-Op and Shur Gain are big seed producers, they might be willing?  Another avenue is something like BassPro, they do more then just hunting gear, or Can Tire.

Wow I had no idea there was a cost involved to this site (I'm no computer geek lol) and that you were paying for it out of pocket!!  It seems we have over 1600 members here, so I'm certain if we all donated a little it would cover the costs??  How much are the costs your paying?? 

Linda Mc

It's $99 US per month right now, so as their dollar drops so does the cost.  That's why it's hard, all I'd really need is a dollar/person/year, it's hard to set that up.  

I was hoping someone like Tourism NB would help, in a single annual payment.  But maybe a few donations from members or if a nature related business could sponsor we'd be fine.  

Count me in Dwayne!

I'll certainly contribute Dwayne. i'll either send something to you with email xfer unless you get something else set up.

I don't think the patreon thing will work very well, it's set up for bigger and ongoing donations.  If you wanted to e-transfer a couple bucks, my personal email is the one associated with the bank account the NING fees come out.

Don't send too much, it's not a huge amount of money I pay out.  

Where do we send the check? Joyce

Dwayne Biggar

3203 rt 114 

Edgett's Landing, NB

E4H 2E9

And thanks.  

I just sent $10 by email transfer which is the minimum amount that you can e transfer.  

I'm very happy to contribute.  Paypal is easy for you to set up and for anyone who wants to contribute.  I think I can just send it to the email address you've posted above even if you don't have an account yet. I'll try sending to 'friend'. Thanks for doing all you've done!

Why not move this community to Facebook or Reddit, both of which are free.

I'm not sure about Reddit, but Facebook format isn't nearly as user friendly or useful as the NING platform.  There's already a few birding sites, no doubt some nature sites too.  It's an option for sure though.  It wouldn't be able to be "moved"  all data would be lost.  


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