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Alex Davenport posted a link to an article talking about permits being issues for glyphosate to be used on crown lands to suppress hardwood regeneration BEFORE Health Canada has fully completed its assessment of possible health concerns on humans and wildlife:

 "Fitch issuing permits to spray New Brunswick's public forest with glyphosates this year and it's possible effect on just about all wildlife?http://monctonfreepress.ca/article/chemical-dousing-public-forest-o...".

As this was posted on chat, I thought I would re-post it, at least as for possible discussion in this group.

Comments anyone?

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I'll forward it to all the reporters whose email addresses I have.  

wow,,, thats not a very intelligent ideal,,not smart at all.i dont care much for that

It seems our Provincial Governments [past and present] are acting in an irresponsible manner toward ecology. Clear cutting, creation of monocultures in our woodlands has already affected many species. Our hardwoods will face enough problems with global warming let alone products designed to inhibit growth.

To use a product not yet fully understood or approved with unknown longterm effect on humans, wildlife and plant species is irresponsible and reckless behavior.


Another Monsanto deal.  When will we learn?  


I think it's going to make things very hard for foragers, killing most of the foragable food in our forests and probably poisoning the rest.

Have there been any studies done on what kind of health effects this would have on the moose and deer populations that feed on this new growth?   How long can diversity of wildlife be maintained in sterile woodlands planted in rows? How does this row planting affect their movement and travel patterns?  It breaks my heart that our beautiful hardwood ridges are sheared off and ground into chipwood. Who, of our children, will want to walk through these forests in 20 years?  But our responsibility is not to just complain, but to raise these questions. Those who care must be writing letters and speaking out.  Thank you, Alex, for posting this.

I don't understand the reasoning behind suppressing the growth of hardwood.

@Heather- Actually, rather a complicated question, but perhaps, essentially, not "allowed" to clearcut hardwood or "mixed wood" (ie Acadian Forest) here now. More "pure" softwood plantations, more $$$ later, less effort.

Money.... the raping and pillaging of our resources, all for the sake of the almighty dollar. 

Well said, Heather.

would most private woodlot owners do this to their land?? or just big corporatios? jdi??

I don't know the full answer to that, but I do know that some private woodlot owners will contract out the bigger fish and to manage their cutting and reforestation for them.  When this happens, glyphosate application is often a part of the deal. 

For example, I found the above letter tacked to a tree bordering a commercial blueberry field and near to where I once hunted each autumn.  The land that it is referring to was all private but obviously entered into an agreement to be managed by this firm.  

When I went back the next year, the blueberry field was gone, the glyphosate had drifted and wiped it all out.  I'm sure the Blueberry company was compensated in some way, but spraying that stuff in close quarters and adjacent to flora that is susceptible to it's toxins - is risky business to be sure - on a wing, wind and a prayer.



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