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Alex Davenport posted a link to an article talking about permits being issues for glyphosate to be used on crown lands to suppress hardwood regeneration BEFORE Health Canada has fully completed its assessment of possible health concerns on humans and wildlife:

 "Fitch issuing permits to spray New Brunswick's public forest with glyphosates this year and it's possible effect on just about all wildlife?http://monctonfreepress.ca/article/chemical-dousing-public-forest-o...".

As this was posted on chat, I thought I would re-post it, at least as for possible discussion in this group.

Comments anyone?

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Our public servants may be muzzled, as well as Irving employees, but it is never too late for citizens to stand up and be heard. None of us should take this lying down. I feel pretty certain there will be public outcry and an orchestrated protest...and it sure would be good to have more organizations speaking out. We will need every voice in New Brunswick. Starting with letters to MLAs, but not ending there...when a public health officer is 'punished' for speaking out about our health then a very important line has been crossed.The public voice needs to become stronger and firmer and louder.

How many people in NB know and care about the issue of glyphosate, and the issue of the recent firing of
Dr. Cleary? Voices in NB are not very strong, unfortunately, and even the general public seems to be
The Liberal government was elected because they spoke of a transparent governing? It is all so very disheartening to see
and witness corruption at its finest. We do not know the reasons why she was fired. Irving denies to have any part in it according
to a newspaper article. Actually, it was demanded that CBC detract any inference of Irving's involvement? All what is left is for Dr. Cleary
to hire a lawyer, maybe from a different province, to clarify her employment status.
In terms of the herbicide glyphosate, NB only has to look across the ocean and see what the status of glyphosate is in Europe,
and it will find it is banned, as far as I know. As someone pointed out it is useless to hire the best Dr. and Scientist if they are not able
to do their jobs and are gagged.
It is not about the song birds anymore, it is about our health as well. Although, I am so saddened that our environment is poisoned/

This goes beyond glyphosate..NB is facing Energy East, Sisson Brook, shale gas...all of these with public health implications. It is rather 'inconvenient' for a government to have someone like her speaking for and safeguarding the health of NBers.

Hear you loud and clear Deborah; I agree.

Here is what I posted on the CBC page that told us about Cleary being fired:
 I am both saddened and outraged at this action, which smacks of Fascism or signs of foreign occupation with the local Government acting as collaborator. 

I have an online petition (https://www.change.org/.../minister-of-health-canada...)) for the federal Government to disclose hitherto hidden documents on safety of Glyphosate (both VisionMax and RoundUp herbicide) as well as several cases under Access to Information (Federal) and Freedom of Information (BC) act relating to Glyphosate. 

I have been trying to contact Ms Cleary, to get to speak with her on phone, if she is willing, to include her version of the story in my blog (www.tonu.org), or in my correspondence with the federal/ provincial Government, or any other way I could help her. 

So, if any of you know how to contact her, appreciate if you can pass this message. 

If and when a Government fails to serve the people, it becomes the people's duty to boot the Government out of office and bring in better representatives. 

MY sympathies go with all of you and all of us in Canada. This is an attack on our democracy. 
Tony Mitra 

Link: http://www.cbc.ca/.../eilish-cleary-fired-nb-1.3354380

Regardless, of the root cause of this dismissal - the point has been made that Professional, Scientific Bean Spillers are not much appreciated/tolerated here.  They will be dealt with accordingly.  Surely if it turns out to be more fracking fall-out, then we can expect her successor to pick up the Glyphosate research immediately, right?, right?  I wouldn't hold thy breath on that one.....

Yes, unfortunately. Very sad for NB


I'm glad to have found what I am sure is a thoughtful and conscientious crowd here at BirdingNB.  I was quite disappointed that the monctonfreepress link in Alex's original post doesn't seem to be working but I thoroughly enjoyed the thread comments, especially Joanne Savage and Deborah Carr.  I've got a web site that I did up recently in response to the firing of Dr. Eilish Cleary where I speak to discontinue the use of Glyphosate.  There are a couple of online petitions available at:


What I would really like to see is the voices of all NB nature lovers united on these issues.  I wonder how many members there are in all nature groups in NB, I bet it's a surprisingly large number.  I know the Moncton Fish and Game Association has over 10,000 members.  I see the NB hunting community showing frustration:


NB Birding likely has significant membership as well.  I see lots of isolated gestures from various organizations but nothing that says ###,### New Brunswickers demand an explanation on this issue.  As it stands the puppet master can easily manipulate any and all puppets that it is presented with.  We understand that we have to do business but we need to ensure that business respects the integrity of our life support system (aka the environment).  If anyone has any comments or suggestions on initiating a common front for NB nature lovers please contact me.

I'll be lurking around here as we are active birders in and around our properties with American Bitterns, Pileated Woodpeckers and countless other usual suspects:)

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Peter Gilbert

Smithfield, NB


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