Can anyone recommend a good GPS/Map App for an iPhone? My intended use will be bird surveys, so important features will be ability to store co-ordinates, measure distance traveled and of coarse, show maps. Canada Maps was recommended by one or two people. Unfortunately, that app seems to only be available for androids. 

I am also looking for a good audio recording app. RODE Rec was recommended, but it is no longer found at iTunes. Again, this app will be used while birding and on an iPhone. 

Tips on compact microphones might also be useful.

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Hi Todd, here's a bit about a couple of apps that I use for birding and navigation.

Check out Songsleuth for recording. I find that it makes excellent recordings, while georeferencing each of them and you are able to view them on a map.  It also displays the sound live in a spectrogram so you can see what you are listening to. It keeps a 3 second memory so you can hit record after the bird has started singing and not miss any of the song.  I think it was ~$15 in the app store, but well worth it in my opinion.  Of course, the sound clips can be emailed out of the app as .wav files too.

For maps I use Avenza PDF (free in app store).  It allows me to create a map using ArcGIS and upload it to my phone through email as a geo-referenced PDF.  It also has a map store where you can find a lot of free maps and purchase others.  It displays where you are on the map (including direction you are facing), you can drop points where you are or add them by inputting coordinates, and create tracks, all of which can be exported from the app.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Neil. I will check those out.

If anyone has interest, I managed to locate the R0DE Rec App and download it onto my iPhone. My first test recording produced surprisingly good results. This app will be used to document rare birds that could not be photographed as well as unusual vocalizations being made by our resident birds. It should be good fun and very useful.

I am still working on figuring out which app will be most useful for its GPS abilities and map usage.

Nice discussion ... interesting stuff. I do have Avenza PDF but don't know anything about ArcGIS so will definitely have to check that out. Also the sound recording is interesting.

I do use ... its does give me map location and can display a track. Can use it as a GPS for directions. Nothing fancy ... kinda like openstreetmaps. Don't need a data connection which is nice as I don't. Can add points (balloons) on a map.

I see ArcGIS is not free on their website and you have to call them to find a price? I'd be afraid to ask the price in that case. I like free stuff better! :)

Likely very expensive! I have it at work, other wise I wouldn't.  I assume that any mapping application that is able to export maps as georeferenced PDFs would do the trick tho.

I am really liking this Avenza PDF. I had it installed as my son showed it to me with some maps he had that were custom made by logging companies. Now I am seeing that detailed maps are available FREE for most anywhere in NB. These look the same as what you would get from Service NB Topographic maps. Sooooooo .... to find a map (once the app is installed) .... just tap the little shopping cart upper right. A map appears showing all the maps available as little balloons with a description of each listed at the bottom. Just zoom in on the map to get just the area you want. Then look for FREE ones :) In just a few minutes I installed Chipman area, Minto area and St George. Very nice!

Also, I see Songsleuth won't be available for android until Fall 2017. Looks like a very nice app to have. i'll have to try to remember to check for it then.


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