I'm going to be visiting Grand Manan for a week of 19th September and would appreciate any advice and guidance you might offer as to when/where/who & how.

I have some difficulty walking but can get around as long as there are no pronounced inclines without stairs.

Of particular interest would be a 'Pelagic' trip, Bald Eagles and shore birds.

I realize there is a lot of information on 'the net' but I would welcome any feedback from you good folks.

Cheers, Gary

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'''birding''' !!!!!

Gary, there should be Warblers and other species in many of the treed areas of GMI in that time span. Keep in mind that GMI is a black legged tick area.... wear long pants with your socks tucked over the cuffs and long shirts in wooded areas.

At that time of year even the ferry trip could be decent for sea species.

Castilia Marsh and the beach are birdie areas. Nelson's Sparrow could be found on the main road side of the marsh. This is located via a small dirt turnoff on one's left as one drives toward the end of the marsh. There is a culvert over the stream then look for the small dirt opening. A pelagic outing is a plus for sure; I'd book an outing now on one of the Whale Watching boats [research of GMI tourism will give you info].

The best advice would be to just explore anywhere you can find, marsh/ treed areas, walk around a village check beaches and ponds.... above all ... enjoy!

Thank you Joanne for the suggestions and the 'take heed' message re ticks.

Hi Gary . Along with Joanne's excellent suggestion and advice I would add the following for places to check out with some regularity while staying on Grand Manan . Castilia Marsh as Joanne stated is  very good , especially the marsh area at low tide. The beach area of The Anchorage Provincial Park including Long Pond is another good spot for shorebird viewing early in the morning before it gets busy (?) . The free ferry ride leaving Ingalls Head to White Head Island and back can present a good birding opportunity . White Head Island is a great birding spot for warblers , Bald Eagles and shorebirds .

    A nice place to relax and enjoy a panoramic view and the possiblity to see a variety of birds on both land and water, the "Overlook" at the end of Whistle Road to Long Eddy Point was one of my favourite spots. There is limited parking at the "Lookout" which is located at the end of a Whistle Road and a considerable steep decline . For warblers the  Hole-in-the-Wall campground was good (we camped there) and likely can be accessed with permission ... not sure of the protocol !  A great variety of warblers was also found on the Shore Road ( just past Woodward's Cove) . This is a dead end road and the warblers in numbers and variety were found mainly on the last Km just before and along the last section of road paralleling the stretch of water known as "The Thoroughfare" . Of course , likely anywhere on the island could be good or better on a certain day , or time and worth checking depending on weather ... these were our daily "go to spots" while checking out as many other areas of the island during our stay ! Good luck and enjoy your stay ... I am sure you will !!

A late thank you Mike - appreciate the information. I'll be getting a map and marking down the various places you good folks have suggested. I'm looking forward to my trip and hope to get to as many of the spots as possible that you have suggested. Cheers, Gary

This is neat.... here we have a guy from Ontario [Gary] asking re GMI and another guy from Ontario [Mike] responding with great suggestions!!! Gary, Mike knows lots of good spots to bird in NB;  some of us consider him an adopted New Brunswicker!!!

Thanks Joanne !! Didn't realize Gary was from Ontario ... hopefully he enjoys the east coast as much as my wife and I do !!

I am lucky enough to live on Grand Manan Island :)  My boyfriend Mark and I are always more than happy to show birders around so get a hold of me when you come over.  We put in at least 30 hours a week of birding over here  LOL.  There is a pelagic trip planned for the weekend of the 12th but I guess that's not much good to you.  

Hi Jennifer - I plan on contacting Sea Watch Tours to express my interest in taking one of their trips hoping that they'll be able to focus on Pelagics more than whales. I'd welcome the opportunity to take advantage of your kind offer to show me around. I'll send you a PM with details of where I'll be staying and to discuss how we can contact each other. Cheers, Gary

Hi Jennifer, I just read this message you wrote last year. My husband and I will arrive saturday to spend a week long stay in Grand Manan and do some birdwatching and photography. It will be our first trip to the island. If you have time during the week, it would be great for us to know more about the birds and spots on the island. We just saw that there was a big event saturday, but we will arrive during the afternoon !


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