Greater White-fronted Goose found this morning with a large group of Canada Geese at the Shediac Big Lobster Park.  Found during the Ami.e.s de la Nature du Sud-Est's weekly outing.

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Great images, Carmella, also a very nice sighting!

Thank you Joanne :-)

Update:  October 20th (Friday):  I found the Greater White-fronted Goose this morning in the same area around 9:25.  This morning it was best seen from Riverside Dr., off the boat launch behind the lobster shop.  It stayed sitting on the water with a flock of Canada for about 15 minutes and then took off with part of the flock.

Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Gary :-)

The GWF goose was seen again around sunset (Oct.20) in a stubble field on the Red Bridge Road off of 132 in Scoudouc.

Congratulations again Karen and thank you for the update.

i saw the goose today around 330 pm on Red Bridge Road, second field to the right.

It was amongst a flock of about 200 feeding geese.  A challenge to find.

Thanks for the report.  We saw it as well around 8:30 this morning at the giant lobster.


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