Congratulations to Karen Miller for seeing an amazing 300th bird for year 2017 this morning – Ralph Eldridge’s Harris’s Sparrow in St. George. Karen has set a new record for birds seen in a single year and has shattered her last year total of 282. She has persisted through thick and thin, through wind, rain, sleet and snow and demonstrated just how diverse birding can be in a small province like New Brunswick.


And year 2017 isn’t over yet – who knows what the next two weeks will produce as birders conduct Christmas Bird Counts across the province?


Once again Karen, congratulations on setting the bar at a significant new level for those wanting to try a Big Year in this province!


Jim Wilson


PS – I had set a personal goal of 290 for 2017 earlier this year and am now at 293 with the Harris’s Sparrow. I’d like to get to 295 by the 31st, just for fun, but no hope of hitting 300. So if anyone knows of a Yellow-breasted Chat, a Carolina Wren or a Tufted Titmouse (to name a few), I’m all ears!  J

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Thanks so much Jim! And thank you to all of you who kept me informed of all the sightings! It would have been impossible to do this without the help of our fantastic community of NB birders!

Who's up for the adventure in 2018!
We're all here to help you succeed!


What a marvellous feat and wonderful milestone. Congratulations, Karen!

Congratulations Karen!  That is quite a feat!  We do live in a special region of North America where we can have a variety of land and sea birds from near and far.  

Thank you Denis and Andrew!

Awesome Karen......congratulations!

 A note for M. Wilson .Janet Whitehead  had a chat in her yard sometime after Dec1. Maybe a visit and a call Santa would bring a present. 

Very impressive!  I don't think I have 300 on my whole list. LOL

Well, 2017 is done as is my Big Year! I finished with 303 species seen or heard in NB. That includes the Wild Turkey which hasn't been accepted yet as a countable specie. Three I heard only - Long eared owl, Wood thrush and Tufted titmouse. And one that I have included is unconfirmed - Loggerhead shrike on Miscou October 12. So the purists will say 301. It's still over 300!
Who is going to take the challenge in 2018? Remember, we're all here to help you on your way!
Happy New Year and Happy birding!

Congratulations, Karen!!!!!! Your 2017 NB Big Year is one that will be difficult to replicate.

I am one who can vouch for your 3 heard species as I was there for each of those.


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