He/she took a large pigeon out of the air. Was not able to take it along was eating at it for about 30 Minutes. Picture quality rather poor.... had to take it through the window and on top it was a dreary spring day.. thanks

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It is a hawk. I'll let others do the ID.

Its either a Cooper's or Sharp-shinned hawk but I would lean towards a Cooper's just based on the prey size, overall size in comparison to the crow and the leg size looks just a tad bit bigger than the pencil sized sharpies, but it is also mantling over its prey making it appear larger than it actually is( maybe). Usually pigeons are the preferred prey of Cooper's.  What do others have to say?

Thanks, this one was here yesterday. Same one?? Looks different.

This one's different. Suggest Peregrine Falcon related to the 'hangman's hood' appearance of the head.

If you double click on your image you will see what I mean.

Thanks... I thought so.

I think we should consider a merlin too, another member of the falcon family.  Looks smallish for a peregrine amongst other things.

I'd not disagree with you, Andrew. It's a difficult image to see much with this image but it does look like there is some coarse brown streaks where as Peregrine has barring. I find the facial pattern on his bird to be strongly marked.

Merlin was my first impression as well.

I would go with Cooper's as well especially with the size comparison to the raven in the third picture.

Oops yea raven....which makes it even more likely Coopers. 

Agreed. Coopers. 

You folks got it. Adult Cooper's and Merlin.


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