Help needed re timing of putting out bird feeders, please!

I need help from those of you who take their bird feeders in for the summer.  I realize this year may be different but I'd like to know when you will put your feeders out again and also when you generally take them back in again in the Spring. Many birds still come looking for feeders that have been in for well over a month so I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later  :)  Thanks.

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Gail, I believe the recommended time period for removing feeders was two weeks.

My feeders have remained up throughout the summer. They were cleaned well as I do often in any overly wet times. I watched carefully for any ill birds.

I live in Quispamsis and to my knowledge, disease was not a problem in the area.

I realize that, Joanne.  However, it is recommended by many people that feeders are never out at all during any summer so I'm asking those who do take them down when they put them back out.  (Also, there have been sick birds around here quite recently.)

I just checked and there has been at least one report of disease in Quispamsis.  See the map link in the middle of this page:

I let the raccoons determine my schedule.  When they come out, the feeders come down.  When the ground freezes and the raccoons go to sleep, my feeders go out.

Thanks, Eric.  Sounds like a very good option.  I'm hoping not to wait that long.  I bring my feeders in every night or at least empty all but the Safflower seed ones so the raccoons aren't tempted to wake up during warm winter thaws and come to visit  :)

Hi Gail,

We tend to put ours out in Oct, usually after thanksgiving.  Hope this helps.

Paul & Kitty

That helps a lot!  Thanks, Kitty and Paul.  (And because I'm further north, I can put them out a week or two earlier  :)  )

Because of the deer and raccooons, and possibly bear we put our feeders in at night untill December, then we usually leave them out till the some time in April when the Raccoons start to move again, then it's bringing them in at night till the end of May.  In Summer Months we tend to just feed the Humming Birds, but we try to create an environment that is good for the birds: Ie planting berry plants, trees like Mountain Ash, Cherry, and High Bush Cranberry, as well as leave wildflowers and grass that have grains, we don't use insecticides as bugs are big on wildlife diets.

Thank you for the information.  I actually bring in all but Safflower feeders each night due to raccoons but this winter I might try leaving them all out mid-December and keep my fingers crossed.

I discovered this summer that I have pioneer Mountain Ash and Canadian Serviceberry trees and I'm surrounded by empty hay fields that now have lots of trees that have grown up over the years. I planted three White Spruce a couple of years ago but need to diversify.  I get the grass/weeds around the house mowed every two weeks for the neighbours  :)


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