Hi folks, I could use some help with this one. I took two poor shots of a warbler before it went into some thicker brush. I cropped the photos when I got home and then started to search through my guides. I see that it has a broken eye ring, a yellow supercilium, the underside is mostly yellow with some streaking on it's breast. It also appears to have some yellow on the rump.

My best guess is an adult nonbreeding Palm Warbler. Any thoughts?

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Was it constantly pumping it's tail?

I think you're on the right track Gabriel imho. What else were you considering?

Thank you for your replies, Joanne and Andrew. Unfortunately, I was unable to observe it's behavior while perched. There were too many branches and leaves in the way. I first noticed this bird while it was apparently hunting for insects by flying over my neighbor's cow pasture and then back to it's perch. I plan to return to the same spot in the morning to hopefully relocate it and take better pics.

These photos are so poor that it somewhat resembled female and immature of other species in my Sibley's guide. I just noticed something else though. The warbler's legs and feet in the photo does not appear to be dark like that of a Palm Warbler.

Now I'm just confused!

I still think it matches well with a palm Gabriel. There are not many birds with that type of yellow and this bird appears to have no wing bars. Face pattern matches well with my Sibley as well. I'd like to hear from others but think you can close the case on this one. Leg color can look funny when the sun hits them a certain way..... just a thought.

I agree, Andrew.

Yes, Palm Warbler.

We have a consensus that your initial call was correct, Gabe!

Thank you everyone for the help. I'm glad that my initial feeling for this one was correct. I didn't get the chance to look for it again as we swiftly decided to go for a drive around Albert County. Unfortunately, we did not see any of the nice birds that others has been seeing lately.

I did spy on a few large oak trees on the sides of the road to notice that Hen-of-the-woods (Maitake) mushrooms are starting to come up. I can't wait to check oak trees in my area during the next few weeks.

By the way, is anyone else here aware of the huge Bald Eagle nest in a White Pine inside the Gray Island cemetery? We only discovered this yesterday.


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