Hello Everyone,

I worked so hard to follow this warbler in the trees hoping to get better photos. I got two shots before it disappeared deeper in the forest. I now wonder what species this may be. Any suggestion or push in the right direction would be appreciated. Photos taken in the Irishtown Nature Park on May 22nd.

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Hmmm... I'm going through my Sibley guide again, it could be a female Cape May Warbler.

I think you are correct in your ID. En français, c'est la paruline tigrée :D It sure looks pretty striped.

Thank you, Denis. This happens to be a new warbler for me ; )

What a great place to observe warblers, there was so much activity there this morning. They were just difficult to follow.

Congratulations on a new lifer, Gabe!

I tried my ID before I read the comments (for practice).  I had female Cape May as well.

Congrats Gabriel!


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