I no sooner had put out the hummingbird feeders, than one appeared.  But it was not the Ruby-throated one.  After googling it, I believe it was the Black-chinned humming bird.  Haven't seen it since because the ruby-throated ones appeared.

Has anyone else sighted one?

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Not to say you didn't see a Black-chinned but often the Ruby Throats are tricky to Id because of the way the sun shines on their feathers , light plays a role in the Id, if the sun isn't shining directly on the throat it actually looks black.

There was no sun.  The chest was very white and the rest was black.  It had a shorter beak.   I was taken back when I saw it as I thought we NBer's only had the Ruby-throated.  Tricks on my eyes and of course, could not take a photo.

I'd also suggest you saw a Ruby-throated Hummer. That's not to say that Black-chinned haven't been seen in NB... I do know of one previous visit. It's that when the light doesn't show through the throat of Ruby-throated, they can,as Paul suggests, be 'foolers'.


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