Can someone confirm if this is a Tufted Duck.

I don't see a tuft and that's why I'm wondering.

Maybe the head is too wet for the tuft to show?

I've checked out the Cornell All About Birds site and I can't find Tufted Duck listed using their search function.

Is there another name for this kind of duck?

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I think you have a Ring-necked duck Paul, and actually your picture shows the rusty colored ring around the neck.  This feature rarely shows in pictures and many folks including me think this duck should be called by a different name.  Tufted ducks have been seen in the province but vary rarely.  I would expect the tuff to stand out this time of year but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the reply Andrew.

I had no idea what kind of duck this was.
I came up with Tufted Duck because I Googled..yellow eyed duck.. and Tufted Duck was a close match, except for the missing tuft.

If Tufted Duck is a proper name for a duck, I'm surprised that it's not listed on the Cornell site.
They must use a different name.

Yea funny how they wouldn't have this duck on their site???.  It's a "casual" visitor from Eurasia and supposedly the European counter part to our Ring-necked duck.  I use the merlin and Audubon apps and both have this species on the North American packs.  

I always thought they should have been call 'Ring-Billed'.


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