I'm new here so I apologize for my non-birder ignorance.  I'm posting this question about what probably everybody but me recognizes as a common, easy-to-identify local bird because I am curious about what this is. I've never seen it before although I do like to watch birds at my back-yard feeder.  I couldn't find it in a quick search through my bird books. These pictures aren't perfect because I took them in a hurry through a dusty window, but as they suggest, the dark olive (or brownish) and yellow bird is the size of a biggish warbler, and it has a rather long beak and a tail with ladder-type stripes underneath. Perched in a shrub, it held its tail upright and waggled it in quick wren-like motions. It saw a squirrel at my suet feeder and it flew into the hole in the snow that the squirrel had made below the feeder, where it seemed to dig around looking for food (unsuccessfully) before flying off. Thanks for any help! 

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Maybe a Carolina Wren??

Agree with Janet!

Diana, if you are interested in keeping this little beauty around, you could provide suet [comes in squares and plugs..feeders relatively cheap] and shelled unsalted peanuts [feeders available and usually under $10.00, peanuts cheapest at Bulk Barn].


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