ID help please. Sparrows give me headaches. I couldn't get a picture showing the end of the long tail, which is almost as long as the body. The top of the head is the same colouration as the body.

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My best guess is Song Sparrow ... pretty sure I see a malar (moustache) and a spot centre of chest. Gotta wait for others though.

I'll agree with you Jim. Song Sparrow can vary a lot colourwise; this seems to be a rather dull one, or, it could be a matter of lighting.

Thanks Jimmy and Joanne. The malar was very faint as seen through binoculars and the small spot looked like a continuation of he bar at the side. The light was harsh sunlight. The bird was dull, it looked like a bleached fox sparrow. There were other song sparrows around, this one just looked so different.


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