I couldn't get a still because she flew away very quickly but she was very large and had a light breast with short dark streaks.  The squirrel on the deck chattered as she flew over the house :)

Thanks and Happy New Year everyone!


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I think you should be considering raptors, Gail. Definitely not a pheasant.

Pheasants don't generally fly very high and the squirrel is a give-away. It reacted to a predator.

Thanks, Ralph.  I didn't think it was a pheasant at first because I'd never seen one in a tree, let alone one that high.  It did look massive though and I'll have to look and see if I can find what it is.  It may have been a Cooper's Hawk as I did have at least one around during the summer.

My first impression was Goshawk.  

Thanks, Dwayne!  I looked it up in All About Birds and the photo of the breast of the immature flying Goshawk is just how I remember it looking as it flew over the house. 


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