Hi all,

  I came upon this fellow at the Hopewell Rocks today. He was alone and I startled him (and he me) as I came upon him suddenly but he didn't go far. It had the characteristic bobbing of the body while standing but the beak seemed too long for spotted. It had a blackish beak and orange legs.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Kevin,  not being an expert but I would look at the Greater Yellowlegs.  The bill looks like the greater rather the lesser.

Thanks Gordon, that was my original thought when I looked it up but the size sounded too big.

Nice pics! I certainly agree with Gordon. The bill is one the heavy side and even should a slight upwards kink, which is not always obvious. Lessers are much less frequent in the spring than Greater, although they do show up here as well.

In the fall, Greater vs Lesser occurrences are closer to 50/50, especially in August. But, Greaters linger longer into the fall and so one seen in October is much more likely to be a Greater.


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