Is this a tick on the Pheasant's face and if so, will it hurt him? Thanks

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It's a natural part of his plumage, Gail.... won't hurt him a bit!

Thanks, Joanne.  Just wondering why he doesn't have the same on the other side?  I am getting a little obsessed with all the talk about ticks  :)

I think lighting is a problem here, Gail..The dark area behind the eye in this image doesn't show the same colour but it's the same, normal plumage. Basically same spot just different lighting.... sunny side/shaded side... just look at the shadow. He's just fine!!

Google: Dog Tick, Wood Tick and Black-legged Tick so you will recognize them and how they look. It's no only Black-legged Tick that can make you ill, even though Black-legged Tick is the one that carries the possibility of Lyme disease.

Thanks, Joanne.  Very helpful as always  :)


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