Is this a young male Ruby-throated Hummingbird?

He seems very fluffy so I'm hoping it's just down and not an indication of problems.  He sat on the feeder for a long time just looking around.  Thanks

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I'd say a mature adult male. The night was cool and here, at least, had showers during the night. I think he was cold and wet...Hummers can slow down considerably when cold.

Thanks, Joanne.  It was cooler and wet overnight here too but oddly enough, the guy pictured below was here nearly two hours earlier and he looks fine... Just me worrying again  :)

He might be what I think of as a 'traveller'. This time of year, the males, which have had nothing to do with nesting or raising of chicks, are moving around and getting ready to migrate out of NB.

Thanks, Joanne.  You got me thinking about Juvenile males... After 10 years of feeding them, I just discovered they look like their mothers - of course!  ( a little slow :) )  I gather these two with very pronounced streaks on their throats are young males.


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