Finally got connected after a scary notice from Firefox and 3 refusals to even let me access BNB

"Your connection is not secure

The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

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What does "Your connection is not secure" mean?

When Firefox connects to a secure website (the URL begins with "https://"), it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid and that the encryption
 is strong enough to adequately protect your privacy. If the certificate cannot be validated or if the encryption is not strong enough,
Firefox will stop the connection to the website and instead show an error page: "

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Got the same thing here Tony ... don't know all that much about this stuff but I do know for a brief time this morning the ning certificate was invalid. then to login we were directed to a non secure page (one without https .... just http instead) ... then if you used your password it would be transmitted non-encrypted as in .... plain text ... like sending it on a postcard in the mail .. anyone could read it. But now all of a sudden its back to the secure page ... this makes no sense. Not sure whats going on with ning but it doesn't look good. Maybe someone else could shed more light on it.

some sites get infected by malware....and have to be cleaned, then are back up running, don't know if this is what happen, but it does happen.

With Firefox, Norton, and Microsoft Security looking out for me I should feel safe.

However, with all this 'protection' I have been infected with a nasty virus/worm that took a long time to get rid of.


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