It's not a bird, and it's not a seal - It's a Basking Shark....Cool.

So last week I went to GMI with my siblings and on the ferry ride over I took some shots of the life we saw on the way.  One particular shot at the time I thought was a seal but one of the Ferry Crew (The Bridge Crew) told us it was a Basking Shark.

You be the Judge; my brother looked them up on google and he thinks this is the snout.

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I am definitely not an expert, but the lower jaw seems to extend to far for a Basking Shark. Having said that, I don't know what it is. My first impression was Grey Seal, but that now appears to be incorrect. It could be something more rare. Perhaps a beaked whale or some other marine mammal. Maybe this photo can be mailed an expert.

I have photo's of another mammal which first  is a seal, it wasn't in the exact same spot but close.

The next one is hard to see , it was beginning to submerge just as I took the photo, you can just barely see the fin.


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