This Junco has been at my bird feeder all winter.  It has a rear nail that is wrapped around it's leg.

It is doing alright but does tuck in his leg under quite often.  Must be because they have extremely long nails or maybe a deformity or injury.

Has anyone ever seen that before.


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Lovely shots Gerry but my what an overgrown nail!

Thanks Joanne.  If I could catch her I would try and unhook the nail.

That's a new one Gerry, it does make you want to catch it and trim the nail back.  

Hey Dwayne.  He is still here every day.  I could catch him but I guess that would not be ethical.  Then I would have to subject him to some physiotherapy

Do you have a havahart trap? i wonder if a junco could set one off? If there was a way to catch that bird i would clip the claw and maybe it would not do that again.

Don't have a havahart trap Joyce but happy to report that he is still here every day and doing well.


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