I've been calling this guy a young merlin because of the size and the proximity of a feeder. I've also spotted an adult a few times in area. The way he perched I couldn't see the tail. Had to take the shot through a window so quality affected

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The yellow eye means this guy isn't a Merlin.  

Thanks Dwayne. Size is about 15 to 18 inches.

Is it a juv. sharp shinned? what a grouchy face :P

One of the Accipiter species. Size estimate might mean bigger than a Sharp-shinned. If you can get the tail in a pic, that could help nail down the ID.

I find it very hard to estimate bird size unless there's somebody else in the pic, like... it's about the size of that dove it's eating, or a woodpecker on a 1x1 inch suet cage.  

There's another picture of what I assume is the same bird, I'm pretty sure it's a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  


Here's another picture. The rail at the top of the bench he's on is 3 inches wide. That's how I estimated the size. After another look 14-15 inches seems closer so maybe sharp-shinned hawk

Unfortunately I couldn't get the tail in any pictures. I reassessed size from anther picture and I overestimated by about 3 inches on the max. Thanks for info


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