It seems the sky has blacken with crows around Moncton today. One extreme flock was near Millennium Blvd.  Has anyone else seen them? or know where they are amassing?

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Was there a time frame for your sighting? Crows tend to flock to a particular roosting site and can be seen in numbers both going to and from the chosen roosting spot.

My husband saw them around 4pm yesterday. He said it was a phenomenal sight.

Here's a couple links for you Karen, first my son took a video for me 3 years ago....he was 8.


since you're in Moncton, you might enjoy this.

Thanks for that Divorcees' song, I had never seen this video. Alex played at our lounge every third week at the Hillsborough Golf Club. He is a funny, talented entertaining guy. I love this crow song...


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