Snow is melting and I found this on my lawn ... mounds of tunnelled out earth. Its over quite an area. More to be found I imagine as the snow melts. Never before have I seen this.  Its not like skunk digging for grubs. Its a lot of excavation! Somebody has been busy all winter!

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Think little rodent, Jimmy. Could be one of several but Star Nosed Mole comes to mind immediately. They tend to live in burrows, tunnel under the snow in winter and feed under your feeders.

Moles. and I agree with Joanne , likely the ugly but facinating Star Nosed Mole.

Ah, but they're cute, Paul!

They look like some crazy creature out of Alien

Hmmm OK thanks Jo and P&K ... so I looked up moles and apparently they eat worms and insects under the ground and can dig one foot per minute! I'm gonna have to try to flatten that all back down while its still wet me thinks. Have to get my stompin' boots on!

Think that's only the soil they expelled while digging their way up from their underground burrow, Jimmy. It rakes out very well. We've had some in the past but have noted none so far this year. One little individual had my hubby stumped for a while a few years back. Every morning there was a child's sand pail sized pile of soil on our lower lawn. Every day, hubby'd stomp it down.... next morning, there it was again. Finally, while mowing the lawn, he watched the pile of soil appear and a S N Mole appear above ground.

become a falconist....have a pet falcon , better yet a pet owl, mmmmm moles.

Or a pet weasel, except they like eating birds eggs, that might not go so well...

Now that would all be nice, a pet falcon or owl! Maybe this could be more fun than Ralph's supersucker plan! You all are really a great help :)


Right on, Ralph; I remember watching that movie with my sons..... what a riot!!

Okay, let's take the rodent removal up a few notches.

Get out your Hoover.

I'll try Joanne's suggestion first haha! Rake it all flat and see what happens .... if the little ... hmmmm ... fellow ... is still there.


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