This little guy has been visiting my bird feeders in Astle, (near Boiestown) for the past couple of days, Nov. 21 & 22/16.  All photos are of the same bird.

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Lil Buddies cousin!!! Nice!!

They're so cute !  I hope it stays around.

I hope it will ... keep us updated on your new little friend! Will be the third for my Lil Buddy.

A photo I took today of my little friend, Dec. 6/16.  It's still here.

Happy to see he/she's still around1 Keep and eye out ... neat to see how long ir will hang around. A long time I suspect.

I just discovered that Chickadees love walnut pieces, unsalted naturally  :)

That's nice to know Gail, thanks !

I just looked out the window and there he was on his favorite branch again opening a seed, yay. Love watching the birds,,,,,,,,,, and yes I'm also hoping these special little guys stick around for a long time too.

A new picture of my friend, taken Jan. 9/17

Sweet!  After noticing the walnut pieces disappearing at an amazing rate from a feeder only the Chickadees use, I realized they were hoarding them.  They don't bother at all with the black oil sunflower anymore  :)

Thanks Gail,,,,,,,That's amazing, I didn't know they liked anything but black oil sunflower seeds and suet.


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