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Please leave suggestions for more locations here as a comment.  This is a work in progress, I'll add more and make it nicer  (alphabetical??) as I go. 

If you have photos from any of these locations and want them included on these links simply add the location, exactly as entered in the other photos and it will show up.  

On individual photo page


OPTIONS (drop down menu)



Enter location in LOCATION BOX

The next time you'll only have to type the first letter or two, (helpful especially for Kouchibouguac).

Hi - For Miramichi , I don't think we need it broken down any more. More of the Miramichi members live within the city. I don't go to many places- my main birding spot is Miramichi Marsh (also called Miramichi Nature Trail) which is off route 11 near Retirement Miramichi.  It was created by Ducks Unlimited about 6 years ago and has has increasing bird life over the years. The Miramichi Naturalists Club keeps a list of birds seen there. There are 3 main ponds with walking paths around. Two beaver lodges and many muskrats are also found here. Another area I go to is French Fort Cove which has many km. of walking trails and has a steep gulch and a small brook entering into a pond created by a causeway. It is on route 8 between Newcastle and Nordin.  Another spot I'm at frequently in winter is the Miramichi Cross Country Ski club , located off route 126 in Nelson . It is quite wet to walk in summer so is only a good winter spot. You can ski or snowshoe.  Not many birds are seen in winter except for chickadees and pileated woodpeckers, crows and ravens but I have seen a saw-whet owl there and golden-crowned kinglets.  I'll get some other club members to pass on some more spots.

          Deana Gadd

Any suggestions for additional locations?  

Hay Island is definitely a hot spot also Tantramar Marsh, Musquash Marsh and St George Marsh.

How could I have forgotten Grand Manan Island?

That's a few more, I'll keep working on it as time permits.  Anyone wanting to brag up and promote their local hot spots could add the location, unfortunately it can only be done after posting by clicking OPTIONS, then from that drop down menu, choose EDIT DETAILS, the good part... you only have to type the whole name once, then it comes up automatically.  I'm working on my area, Edgett's Landing, Hillsborough and area!

Greenlaw Mountain should not be left out of this list. The opportunities for photographing raptors at this location are hard to beat. 

Indeed, Todd! I have seen several great shots of raptors posted here from the site.

Added...the link will take you to everything labeled, I'll change the other links from "tags" to just a general search results page.  The way I have them now the tags have to be exact.  

I changed Grand Manan and Greenlaw Mountain, let me know which method you like better.  The original way may look better, but I think a lot of stuff was getting excluded.  

The way you have Greenlaw Mountain set up seems good to me.

In the North/West  of NB, I'd like to include the hot spots for Grand-Falls area.


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