We're trying a better way to list, describe and give directions to the provinces hotspots.  We need members to put their area on the map.  If you could write up the info or find a link (need permission to copy paste), I'll add the info to each individual area's page, found in the drop down menu when you hover over the new MAIN TAB : NB BIRDING HOTSPOTS.  

If you're page isn't there don't worry, I missed lots and will get around to it, sooner if you write it up.

This will work much better than the links to pics that we have now, it should be a great tool to help or convince people to make NEW BRUNSWICK part of their birding holidays too.  

I don't want to rely on tourism write ups of locations, it would be best if written by birders in that area.  

You don't have to do the whole of Saint John or Greater Moncton, just your favourite place and we'll add them to the appropriate places.  

Jimmy or I can add maps etc once they're written.  Some are already done and I'll look for them in the next few days and put them in a central place.  

Thanks folks, this is an area I find lacking in the province.  


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You've been busy this p.m. :) Great idea!

Yeah, you get caught up.  Then when I did go outside we got another crazy snow squall.  Had been sunny the whole time I was online.  Noah's kinda sick today so we're just lazing around.  At least I spent the morning doing this: http://birdingnewbrunswick.ca/video/fun-with-robins

I'll check that video shortly. On my way home from visiting some family in Dieppe it was beautiful day ... sunny ... I hit white out conditions somewhere 1/2 way between Big Stop and Jemseg ... pretty wild ... lasted about 10 minutes then back into the sun. Strange weather. I guess that may have part of that crazy snow squall.

It was quite a squall Jimmy... couldn't see houses across the street for a while.

I always thought if New Brunswick was promoted as the birding mecca that it is, and non birders could see an economic benefit, like restaurants, stores, hotels etc, then more people would take a stand on environmental issues.  

There is economic spin off from just leaving a tree standing too.  (Hope my boss doesn't see this, I'll be fired)

Cap-Brule, Cap-Bimet, Pointe du Chene Wharf, Shediac Marina, Quai Robichaud Wharf, Aboiteau Beach/NB Trail

Those are all my 'go to' places around where I live. I've been fighting a horrible flu/cold this week and now my little guy has a fever... but I can try to do right ups after we're healthy again!

In the Greater Moncton page, I added the 7 public parks in Moncton, with a short write-up on each. Sorry I couldn't write any more. Maybe someone else can add to what I've written? Some of the info I gathered from the City of Moncton website on parks, but just the acreage, that sort of thing.

Irishtown Nature Park

Riverfront Park

Mapleton Road Park

Centennial Park

Fairview Knoll Park

Humphrey's Brook Trail

and the Northwest Trail


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