Juvenile LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER that I observed and photographed on Miscou Island (Lac Frye) on the evening of October 6th, 2014. I returned to the same location the next day, but the bird was not seen. 

Click here to see same image in slightly larger size: http://www.pbase.com/robertdoiron/image/157745269

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Great capture Robert! Tertials and greater wing coverts are typical of the species. We can see that you took this picture late in the day because the head and throat areas look a bit too colorful for a Long-billed...

You are right Gilbert, photo was taken very late in the day with very warm light. Here is same image with some color adjustments.

Robert, c'est tellement beau! Bravo pour la belle trouvaille et la superbe photo!!

Beautiful capture Robert.
Great find Robert and excellent photo

Nice find and stunning photo, Robert!

That's on long bill!! and it's a youngster...great image Robert!!

Thats a WOW shot!

Robert, in the Saint John area Long-billed is more the norm with Short-billed being scarce. It's great to see the differences between species from North to South in this province and understand the geographic differences we can enjoy. Fabulous photo!

I am presently in Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac Quebec...... loads of Snow Geese on the way up, including 8 on the wing before exiting NB; many Canada Geese here... saw 10 White-crowned Sparrows on the back lawn a short time ago.

Jo, I think you may be confused. Long-billed is a rarity north and south with just a few (1-5) reports per year. Short-billed is the default dowitcher until mid-October or so by which time they both are equally rare. Have a great visit to Quebec!

Thank you everyone for your comments. Merci tout le monde pour vos commentaires. 


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