I returned to the island on Thursday and things have been relatively quiet for this time of year.

RAZORBILLS & MURRES were ashore for a few hours about a week ago, skipped a few days and returned for these last three nights.
Friday and Saturday nights they didn't stay.
Tonight they seem a little more settled and for the first time there is a handful of PUFFINS amid the thousands of Razos & Murres.
The Alcids are still only in the main colony. There are no birds in the upper island and other satellite colonies.
There is a raft of some 200 Razorbills and about 15 Puffins in the cove and I believe that those birds belong to the upper island colony. That population is typically as much as a week later coming ashore than the other areas.

Other seabird activity is slow. A few Cormorants, mainly Greats, are moving.
COMMON EIDERS have been most numerous, with a trickle of small groups throughout each day.
I saw just over 20 HARLEQUINS today and a couple COMMON LOONS.
I found only about a dozen PURPLE SANDPIPERS during a full circuit of the island today.

On land the migration isn't impressive. Lots of SONG SPARROWS, a few JUNCOS, a couple SWAMP SPARROWS, scattered ROBINS and 1 CATBIRD fill the ranks of potential prey while a PEREGRINE on Friday and a nice male HARRIER today account for the predators.

The bird of the day would have to be GREAT BLUE HERON with a couple dozen passing the island this afternoon in 2s and 3s.

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Luv the images of the numbers arriving, Ralph....the trio is exceptional.  For yet another year, it's great to have you on MSI letting us know what is returning, not only to the island but those birds that will come the mainland as well. I look forward to seeing more of your reports from MSI.


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