Migrants are showing themselves in abundance, as indicated by the reports coming in fast and wide-spread.

Here on the island the Sparrows continue to dominate.
We have had helicopter traffic in recent days and the birds erupting from the vegetation when a flight came really close pointed up how few birds we actually see.

Today has produced a large flight of TREE SWALLOWS and numerous HERMIT THRUSHES.
One Hermit discovered well disturbed earth under and near loads awaiting airlift and the feeding must have been VERY good.
It chose to brazen out our presence and episodes of 50 knot helicopter down-wash. At one point it hopped onto my foot and waiting until it could return to digging for dinner.

The songbird species list hasn't changed much since yesterday but Raptors certainly took over today.
From a single MERLIN early this morning, we got to 2 PEREGRINES, 3 MERLINS, 2 HARRIERS, 1 KESTREL and at least 2 SHARP SHINNED HAWKS hunting the island more or less simultaneously.
The passerines were not happy. Several experienced close escapes. Others experienced close encounters of the fatal kind.

HARLEQUIN DUCKS continue strong with 3-4 dozen around the island.

Shorebirds are virtually non-existent, although a single snipe-looking bird flashed from cover to cover this afternoon.

A fair number of Alcids stayed ashore most of yesterday and a good contingent returned in the evening to spend the night.
The reverse was true today with very few birds on the water today and virtually no birds came ashore this evening.

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Thanks again, Ralph. It's great to have early reports of returning birds; now we know what to expect.


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