Hi all. We are going to be in the Mactaquac/Keswick area for the next few days and want to see some birds. We don't know the area unfortunately. Where are the best vantage points this time of year?

I see some people bird at the dam. Is there a place to safely pull off and set up a scope?

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Right after you cross the dam (as if you were heading towards Keswick), hang right and you can drive onto the dam grounds.  Might see snow buntings along there.  You can follow the road down below the dam and there is a parking lot where you can view the river.  Should find ducks and eagles.

Thanks Eric. Went there yesterday and it was dead. Must be because the ice is gone downriver.

Yeah, the ice had broken up the last time we went too.  But it was very cold and some ducks were sheltering right up beside and under the building.

Kind of a rough spot down there. Wind almost blew us over and the gulls and crows we did see could hardly fly in it.


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