Although I was unsuccessful at finding the swainsons, Miscou definately delivered with its beauty and excellent birding. The peaking colors and brilliant red huckleberry bushes surely helped the experience.
Some of the birding highlights were
3 Hudsonian godwits
2 sandhill cranes
1 Lincoln sparrow
Big flock of Lapland longspurs(15)
Peregrine falcon(s)
Large flock of Red knots
Many red throated loons
Pectoral sandpiper
American golden plover

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Where were the Sandhills Cranes?

As I was observing the Shorebirds at Willson's Point(Malbaie Sud, I think they call it) by where the water exits the Barachois, I noticed two large birds flying towards me from the North/Northeast.  They proceeded to head in a Westerly direction fighting the wind and disappeared over the tree tops.  I'll post a couple of flight pics later

I spotted the two Sandhill cranes again today, this time on the the other side of the Barachois feeding in the grass next to a couple of roosting GBH.

I was on the Island of Miscou and found a few treasures. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Sandhill Cranes off the beaten path on the Island also the Swainson Juvenile Hawk.
A treasure indeed Kevin and nice shots there! The island is on fire right now especially around lac Frye and the lighthouse area with many rarities showing up recently including a fork tailed flycatcher today. A great spot to spend the day!


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