Mistle Thrush was back at our house this am - seen by many early morning birders. Not here right now 930am

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Thank you both for being so welcoming and for looking out for the bird's welfare. 

Awesome image, Hank! Awesome visitor for Peter and Deana for sure. It's not often that folks get the best bird in North America as a yard bird!

This thrush couldn't have picked a better place... lots of food and birders get to see it well from the street at a respectful distance without disturbing it or the neighbours, quite neighbourhood with plenty of places to safely park cars, AND the best hosts possible.

Thank you Peter and Deana for sharing this exceptional bird.

I along with birders from Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and Newfoundland had good views of the bird this morning. We left at 10am to beat the storm. Many thanks to Peter for allowing us to view this bird on his property. He was very welcoming with his box of hand warmers on a very cold day. Thanks again Peter.

Wonderful interview on CBC Radio, Peter.  Congratulations!

Terrific image Hank!   Gorgeous coloring.  He could be NB's Mistle(Toe) Thrush since it came to visit during this Christmas season!   Lets hope it sticks around and maybe more folks will get a chance to view it over the Holidays!

Lovely interview!  Congrats to the both of you.

There is a video of this bird on the Weather Network!!

Mistle Thrush still here - flew in before sunrise at -15 with reported windchill -27

Monitoring this.  If it is still around tomorrow, I may be able to go on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

Mistle Thrush back this morning at 750 am. Lots of NB birders have been to see it - not many disappointed but some who came later in the afternoon (3 pm or later) haven’t seen it - but yesterday it was around until 430 pm

Must be interesting to see how far some people have traveled.

We did manage to see it on Sunday.  Beautiful bird!


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