Mistle Thrush was back at our house this am - seen by many early morning birders. Not here right now 930am

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The MistleThrush has been a little more elusive these past two days. Up until Sunday it was averaging more than 4 hours a day on our mountain ash. Yesterday, Monday, it stayed for 2 hours in the morning and today about 50 minutes. We have had about 300 visitors from 14 states and 4 provinces. A birder from Minnesota was here this morning, just back from birding in Alaska and wasn't expecting to see it, based on yesterday's brief visit by the bird. He was very very happy when it showed up as were two people from New Hampshire. More photos and videos at Mistle Thrush Album  .


Sorry for repeat .. hopefully removed.

Peter Gadd reported on NatureNB Listserv this morning that the Mistle Thrush remains in Miramichi.

Mistle Thrush remains in Miramichi as of today, January 21/ 18. Peter Gadd reported this morning that it was seen at 473 Manny Drive and 512 MacMillan Drive. The latter address is close to the Manny Drive address.

Just a small misunderstanding ... not seen at Manny Dr. today ... the thrush is seen at two spots at the top of MacMillan Drive .... 512 and in area of lone tall spruce opposite on north side of open area.

Thanks for the correction, Peter.

Thrush seen this morning at it's MacMillan Drive address in Miramichi.  

Thrush seen this morning at it's MacMillan Drive address in Miramichi.  

Mistle Thrush seen this morning at MacMillan Drive site.


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