Mourning Warbler with possible hooded warbler song??? Please help

Hi all,

Yesterday Morning May 31st 2018, I ventured out to the Atholville Marsh/Boom lane after hearing a report of a possible HOODED WARBLER.  The birder reported visual contact with the bird and clearly saw the markings of this rare to the area warbler.  After spending 2 hours combing the area, I noted a different sounding warbler which to me sounded like the song of a hooded warbler.  Having never seen a Hooded Warbler, I was exited at the prospect of adding this bird to my life list. The bird was hard to track down in the glaring sun and dense tangles but eventually after spending 20 minutes sitting patiently, I finally laid eyes on the bird........To my surprise, the bird turned out to be a MOURNING WARBLER!!!  Not long after seeing the male, a female popped up along side him.(my first sighting of a female Mourning :) 

I clearly saw the male singing and have it on short video which I posted to youtube.  Let me know what you think of the song.  I'm completely confused with this birds particular song.



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  Hi Andrew ! Interesting video , well done catching the Mourning Warbler singing that tune ... it sounds very much like the song of a Magnolia Warbler . Check it out and see what you think . The Magnolia Warbler nests in pretty much the same breeding zone as the Mourning Warbler ,  where as the Hooded Warbler is more southern . 


     Hello again Andrew ! Just listened to a Hooded Warbler song and I can understand the thought that your Mourning Warbler certainly sounds like a Hooded !! We have Mourning, Magnolia and Hooded regularly here in Ontario during migration and I can say that I haven't heard a Mourning warbler singing that song . I guess it could be either a Magnolia or a Hooded ... Interesting for sure !! 

Atypical vocalizations like this demonstrate how learning warbler songs is a life long process. I am often employed to ID birds by song or call and can get most within a few seconds. Songs like this make me pause (which is humbling).  Most of today's bird guide apps privide several songs for each warbler species and for good reason. Thanks for posting.

The Macaulay Library might be interested in this recording.

Thanks for the response Mike and Todd.  It does sound similar to a Magnolia as well.  Todd, I will definitely submit the video to McCaulay.  Funny how there was a female in proximity to this "different sounding" male to our ears...maybe to the opposite sex, he has the voice of a king;)  


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