I posted about a mute swan in St Andrews a couple of weeks ago. It is still here and staying in an incredibly polluted lagoon that the tide isn't getting into this week. There was an inbreed throwing rocks at it Saturday and by Sunday morning it had moved to the much larger and healthier salt marsh. Today it is back in the middle of the reef and I assume it will get back into the polluted sewage lagoon when the tide comes up.

Does anybody on this site know if there is a bird rescue group around Charlotte County that could get this bird out of here? I would be willing to help. I have worked with and wrangled most waterfowl species in the past, Great Blue Herons and virtually all raptors in eastern Canada, including Bald and Golden eagles. This site has my email if you know of anybody. I'm not sure if AWI near Moncton would be interested in taking this bird as it seems to be flightless and it's a mute swan. I assume it could be done with a few people, a few very large fishnets, a few blankets and a pet carrier.

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Steve, That bird belongs to someone from Chamcook. 


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