My computer reads that Birding New Brunswick's connection is not secure (?) !

.. and that a "Login entered here could be compromised."  I get this repeatedly.

Is there anything to be done to correct this?



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Is it your computer saying that or an anti-virus program that you are using?

I do not have that problem, Charlotte.

My guess is it's your browser because it happens to me with Firefox.  As Ralph said it could be your anti-virus program.  Nothing to worry about, just stay signed in  :)

I have had this happen many times over the last few months with both Chrome and Edge on my laptop and PC.  

Its because BNB does not use a secure connection for logins ... or anything else for that matter. You know like when you sign in to a bank for instance the website starts with 'https' (the s means secure). BNB and lots of other websites use only http without the 's'. What that means is nothing is encrypted. Your password is sent as plain text that some malicious person could easily read. Now if you use this same password everywhere else you log into on the www ... then a malicious person could guess that you would do so ... thats the problem. So really what you should do is use a different password for BNB so if a malicious person gets your BNB password then its useless to them anywhere else except BNB.

Thanks, Jimmy!  I even learn about 'computering' from you  on BNB  :)

You are welcome. Just FYI, as its related but nothing to do with BNB, all email you send is also not encrypted, ie. its sent as plain text over the www. Email is like sending a postcard in the mail ... anyone can read it as it's not enclosed in an envelope. Puting a letter inside an envelope would be like https ... it would be encrypted so long as no one opens it. So its never a good idea to send anything by email that you don't want the whole world to know. Scary isn't it! :)

I can only dream!  Nothing very exciting in my emails  :)

Thanks Jimmy. Sigh.


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