A Northern Shrike suddenly appeared in my yard on Sunday, Nov 6th to give chase to a couple of Blue Jays and then tried to attack a Hairy woodpecker. It perched in a few trees in my yard between attacks to give me a chance to take some photos. Here are a couple of shots taken from inside my home;

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Nice capture Gabriel for FOF!

Thanks for the correction, Andrew. I guess in my own mind I meant 'first of season', but I now realize that FOS usually means 'first of spring'...correct? And FOF obviously refers to 'first of fall' I'm not sure if I've heard that one yet. Thanks again, Andrew!

A shrike was present in my yard again today. I first spotted it in my apple tree and then it flew up and perched on the power line. I wonder if I will stay for the winter.

okay, I'm noticing alot of people are seeing shrikes this year, so is it going to be the year of the Shrike!


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