Just for fun ... I thought the image below was kinda cool. Do you know what it is? A close-up of an insects eye? Which one? A storm raging on Jupiter? Something else? It's a photo I took last week ... about mid May and it's something from nature. Probably too easy but thought it might fool a few. I'll post the complete image later.

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To quote you: Eek!!

Not easy for me jimmy, looks like wind currents

It sure does Andrew. Thats why it reminded me of a close-up of Jupiter. It even has another area I could have cropped that looks like the giant red spot .... but its not that. It is something on good old planet Earth :) ... that is worth a PM of the whole image to you and Jo.

I think I know.  A photo is the only way I want to see a close up like that.

Interesting Eric ... I have no idea what you may think it is but I'm sure you are incorrect.

Huh.  Now I don't think I'm right either.

Ha!  I was thinking hornet nest too.

If you put your hand on it last summer, would it have hurt?

Hmmmm nope lol (at least I can't see how it could). And I think E was replying to you ... no cream necessary. I hope you all are not disappointed when you find out what it is. I see this may be fulfilling my expectations and baffling most anyone who has looked at the image!

You should get that looked at.

There's a Dr. Vespula in downtown Fredericton that might be able to help, or at least refer you to someone in the same field. 

That was a guess at a wasp nest.  

Obviously wrong. 

Would this be found seaside?

Or, would this possibly be something desired by artists/wood workers?

Thats an excellent guess E .. a wasps nest. I never would have thought of that. I'd say your getting warmer now with the last sentence. I'll post the original image here shortly to reveal the mystery :)


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