Just for fun ... I thought the image below was kinda cool. Do you know what it is? A close-up of an insects eye? Which one? A storm raging on Jupiter? Something else? It's a photo I took last week ... about mid May and it's something from nature. Probably too easy but thought it might fool a few. I'll post the complete image later.

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Ok here it is. No idea how exactly it got like this. I just happened to notice the design and thought it was pretty cool how nature could come up with something like that. It reminded me of images of the giant storms in Jupiter's atmosphere. Click on the image to enlarge it. Its whats left of a large stump where logging had been done some time ago.So E, you were getting warm! At least I had some of you thinking :)

Now that I see what it is I think this looks like an image of a ladies face/head.  Her hair is in a very short bob cut and it is pulled over to the left side (thick hair).  I see her eye and her definite outline of a nose, and at the bottom I see her upper lip and then her mouth.  She is laying her head on a pillowy type thing and the bark is what the pillow is encased in.  I also see her lower right arm/wrist along with her fingers resting up against her face with the pinky finger pointed towards her neck and the others up on her face like she is pondering something......so cool.  I love to look at objects like clouds and driftwood to see what images come to mind....WOW!

Ol' Ma Nature is a fine artist!

Interesting formation JD. 

Gail -  I want a large, of what ever you're having :-)

Too funny....ROFL Danny!   Maybe a large later on, but still at work right now.  I will try and draw an outline over this image later,   When I opened the attachment JD sent to me it was right there in my face in total detail.  Funny how those things just pop out.......hahaha!


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