Wondering if there is an app or website that would help identify say the 50 most common birds in the province if you were to hear them in the woods?

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No idea about anything with the 50 more common BUT ... Cornell has a free app called Merlin. With it you can choose to show only birds from the Northeast. It will play the the sounds of all these birds.


Sibley also has a nice one ... about $20 ... Sibley Birds of North America ... same thing as above. Can choose to show just birds by province.

These are the two I have so I don't know anything about others but I'm sure there are more.

This website lists all the birds in Canada ... choose a bird from the list and then it plays numerous sounds.


I second Jimmy's recommendations for the merlin app.  Its one of two that I use and has some great features including photo bird ID which I found very useful in Costa Rica.  I use the bird pack " US Canada and all" as includes some rarities which could show up here. You might just go for the Canada : East version.  All the common birds should be there for our region.  

Audubon is the other free app I use, its OK but I only use it for listening to the varying songs or calls of birds.  

Thanks guys!

I have a 'dvd'  of Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America.  Birdsongs of 138 species.

Over 500 tracks listing the type of calls, ie  courtship calls, flight calls etc.... a picture of each bird with the title tracks.

very useful


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