A reminder: Time has rolled around yet again to keep the NB Winter Bird List in mind and be involved.

The Winter Bird list is kept each year from Dec. 1st to Feb. 28 [or 29 as case might be]. There is a link to the list under the section 'LINKS' on the Lt. side of the main page.

Gilles Belliveau will continue to conduct said list again this year. His contact information to report species seen is on the link.

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Wow already! Thanks for the heads up Jo. Don't think I have ever got to add a bird yet ... all you people are too quick for me. Maybe I'll try for a chickadee in the front yard at 6am next Thursday lol.

ps ... and if I do I'll have to email Gilles ASAP! ... so all you ppl can just relax and sleep in that day :)

Go for it Jimmy!


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