Our Winter Bird Count starts on Dec 1st each year and ends on the last day in February.This year we are at a record number of species at present.

There is a link on this site on the left side of main page under LINKS. It would be great if individuals take a look at the list as there are species yet to be found.

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NB Winter Bird List is at 179 at present.

Four species more than have ever been recorded! Other seemingly "easy" additions would include Snow Goose, Black-headed Gull, Red Crossbill, Savannah Sparrow and maybe a couple more.

Exactly, Denis; an exciting year for sure!!

NB Winter bird list is at 180; 5 over our highest years of 175.

NB  Winter Bird List now at 181...... 6 species over our previous high.

Put Karen on the job!

Maybe the rest of us, together, can match her and push the total past 185.

How does 190 sound?

It might seem to be a reach but look at the unreported species with very strong potential: Hoary Redpoll, Snow Goose, 3 Toed Woodpecker, Savannah Sparrow, Titmouse and a couple of the gull species.

Also, Tufted Duck, Hawk & Gray Owls are reasonable candidates.

Good hunting.

What about Canvasback Duck, Ralph?

Oh, no doubt there are lots of possible finds, Joanne. I only suggested a few.

I delegate you to locate the Canvasback. Ok?

Thank you, Ralph. There was one in St Stephen in Feb. only a few years back.

Didn't a Tufted Duck(s) hang somewhere above the Reversing Falls for a few years?

Matthew's Cove, Ralph. Indian Town and Westfield Ferry also other spots as well as at least one appearance Marsh Creek and the other side of the harbour from Marsh Creek. 

Folks have been watching...no Tufted spotted yet.

Janet Kempster, Jim Wilson and I hit all the Tufted Duck hotspots around SJ on December 31st without any luck.


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