Our Winter Bird Count starts on Dec 1st each year and ends on the last day in February.This year we are at a record number of species at present.

There is a link on this site on the left side of main page under LINKS. It would be great if individuals take a look at the list as there are species yet to be found.

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Jan 4/17, NB Winter Bird List now at 182!!

Two species added today, Jan 5/18: Savannah Sparrow [Tantramar Marsh] and Greater White-fronted Goose [Grand Manan] bring our NB Winter Bird List to 184!!!!!  Nine species over the previous records of 175.

Winter Bird List now at 185!

Winter List still growing. At 186 as of yesterday, Jan. 8/18.... 11 species over our 2 highest years of 175!!!

The latest update to the NB Winter Bird List: 187 species thus far; what a year!!

190 doesn't seem so impossible,

190 does sound possible, Ralph.... Tufted Duck and Canvasback are 2 strong possibilities. Then there are Little Gull, White-winged Dove and a couple of others.

Snow Goose is one that I'm really surprised hasn't appeared.

American Bittern seen at Castalia makes 188, and we're waiting for photos of possible Osprey on Grand Manan too!

OMGosh Karen, an osprey at this time of year?   And an American Bittern.....WOW......what keeps these birds around here in such freezing temps.  And are their instincts for migration gone astray.

I've seen the pics of the "osprey" and unfortunately they are from at great distance but profile fits better for an immature bald eagle.  Word has it that there are a few eagles hanging around the area as leftover bait was put out or left on the shoreline.  Here's hoping I'm wrong, that would be quite an anomaly.  The bittern is wild though!

I agree Andrew, profile fits Bald Eagle.


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