Apologies that these pictures aren't the best, it is wary enough of humans that whenever it sees me in the window attempting to get its photo, it flies away. 

I will attempt to get better pictures if these aren't enough! I saw it eating insects off of the ground. It is bigger than a chickadee or finch, but somewhat smaller than a robin. It's chirping almost sounds like a laugh. 

Thanks for any help if anyone can offer & apologies if this is the wrong place for this!

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top pic on the left side of the bird almost looks like abit of color on the wingbar, so it might be a Redwing Blackbird

It looks like s European starling bird person. The yellow beak matches that of a breeding adult, overall shape and profile seem to match too. This bird will mimic many different birds and I have heard that "laugh" many times in my backyard this spring. Hope this solves your mystery bird.

Well I cropped them, lightened them, enlarged them ... best I could do. Could be a Red-wing as P&K suggested ... maybe a female. Could also maybe be a European Starling ... I think I see speckles on it in one image but stripes in the other ... hmmmmm?

the thing i thought was a wing bar is distortion, when i see it in this I'm with Andrew. Starling is the likely culprit

Thanks everyone! I am leaning toward the starling suggestion, since two people have suggested it as well as 'whatbird.com'! So it seems to be a common denominator.

This guy does seem to be a little less speckled, though. I have only noticed the spots to be on its wings.

the joy and frustration of birding....lol


Is it a staring?

I have quite a few black birds like that, but are smaller than a grackle.



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