Apologies that these pictures aren't the best, it is wary enough of humans that whenever it sees me in the window attempting to get its photo, it flies away. 

I will attempt to get better pictures if these aren't enough! I saw it eating insects off of the ground. It is bigger than a chickadee or finch, but somewhat smaller than a robin. It's chirping almost sounds like a laugh. 

Thanks for any help if anyone can offer & apologies if this is the wrong place for this!

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Was the bird that you were having looking and sounding like those one?!?! I also found a nest with 3 babies but unfortunately one was found laying dead on our driveway the next morning and after havinf fix back up tje nest that have fallen down it seem like the parents have come back and were back on there job...but sadly today another one is missing from the nest...I wonder how you're story ended and wonder if I should do something to save the last baby or just let nature be and hope that the parents will be stronger then de predators....


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