After the strong winds we had on Friday, during the thunderstorms here in Dieppe, a nest fell out of our big maple tree.  Its very different from any of the usual nests we have every year and I was hoping someone could identify which bird would have built it??  Thanks for any help you can give me.   Its roughly 6 inches in length and 2 or so inches wide.  There appears to be a hole in which the bird(s) would enter and exit through.

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Interesting nest Linda, did it show any signs of having had any birds fledged from it, like egg shells, maybe a bit of poo or feathers.  I too am interested in the bird or animal that would build a nest like this.  Thanks for sharing.

Lois I just examined it more closely and I don't see any of those signs... but we did get a lot of heavy rain on Friday, so may have washed away the evidence...


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