Corrections welcomed...

1.  Still no ID for this one.  I posted it on Moths of Eastern USA and they considered the same moths and didn't reach a solution either.  I have it on the back of mind when searching for others, perhaps I'll stumble on it then. 

2. Pseudorthodes vecors - Small Brown Quaker - Hodges#10578

3. Enargia infumata - Smoked Sallow - Hodges#9550   ID by Tony...thank you (thought it was a Sunira)

July 16th 2018  Not as worn

4. Pima albiplagiatella - White-edged Pima Moth - Hodges#5747...ID by Tony. (see discussion)

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Haha!!  I had a notation in I new they were similar, but didn't check any further.  A wonderful combined effort Stuart and Joanne!!  I will edit #3 and 4.  Thankfully I only had one knew one from yesterday and I'm sure of the ID

Thank you both!!

Sunira flies in autumn...just noticed Stuart...

You sure chose 4 toughies.

Not  convinced with ID for #1

#2 needs an 8

3 is not a Sunira

4 how about 5747 Pima albiplagiatella?; Stuart has it on BG

Regarding #4, the almost-iridescent coppery wash on much of the fore-wing is typical of Peoria and not found on Pima as far as I know. I get lots of what I call Pima albiplagiatella in June and July and they are a unique warm brown colour and always show a black spot near the center of the wing (lacking in Peoria). HERE is a selection of my Pima albiplagiatella images at iNaturalist.

#3  9550 Enargia infumata

I'm still struggling with #1

10928 Graphiphora augur is a possibility ?

Not 10298,

It is 9433 Xylomoia chagnoni (at least for today!); a variable species.

Thank you Tony...I was with Mom and Dad most of the day yesterday and didn't have time to look...The crisp black median bar is missing, but it may be faded...The overall shape and design is very close.  It says 14 mm in Peterson's and this one is 20, but the same species come in different sizes.  A much better match.  

I have company arriving today and have to prepare....  they leave on Friday.  I'll get back at it then. 

Tony, could it be Raphia abrupta, Abrupt Brother?  I get the Brother all the time, but usually black.  The size is right.  There is no R. abrupta on MPG or BG.  

abrupta is now frater,

Close, but I doubt it is frater

Could it be a worn Brother?

As Stuart would say, "Back to the drawing board!!"   (Rick is chuckling..)  I'd be lost without you Tony!!

Man o man...difficult ID's  I looked at all your corrections... will edit 3 & 4.

Your suggestion for #1 is a better fit for the claviform spot.   The vertical wear lines seem better for the  Resapamea  The first pic for images on BG looks so close.

I have another picture where it is not fluttering.  I will go through the plate on MPG and see if there is anything else. the morning...  I appreciate your help 


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