This is kind of neat. If you have a Nikon DSLR and are thinking of buying a new one ... here is some really simple advice. Even if not upgrading its still interesting. I like it. Makes sense.

The Ultimate Upgrade Guide ... by Thom

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Awesome table, Jimmy! It is good to know, for sure, and thanks for posting it.
I am still shooting with my D50 and the sensor is (mostly) clean now and working pretty well, so thanks for that. I AM looking for a decently priced, used D300s or D7000, but not because I can afford one (yet), but that should happen at some point in the next two years, hopefully.

I'm watching for the same thing Denis. My camera (D5100) has no motor drive needed for certain lens to auto focus. I'm sure you know there is a D7100 out now. Problem with it is there is no buffer for continuous shooting. Not sure if the 7000 is the same. Also, I do know the buffer problem is definitely with RAW images but not sure if that pertains to JPEG also as they are smaller. I must look that up again.

Nice chart! Thanks for sharing :)

I have a D5100 as well... Not planning to upgrade any time soon as I just recently bought the D5100. I don't like the button layout on the camera and there are a few things that would really be nice... like a focus motor as mentioned earlier in the conversation and more control on the flash... I borrowed my father's D90 once and was completely surprised how amazing that machine was - it's age did not seem to matter at all. A lot of control with onboard and external flash, plus has wireless by default, etc.. a D7000 series would be a "nice to have", but not necessary for me anytime soon. If I'd have money, I'd get a few other lens and a decent Nikon flash instead of the ancient Vivitar I currently have :)

Bristen ... I have to agree. The D7100 would be a $1000 purchase for nothing more than a motor drive for me so thats not going to happen.

I bought this flash for mine (D5100) and think its pretty decent for the money. Has good reviews. I bought it a year or two ago for something like 58 bucks. Amazon Canada wants $167 for it now.  Amazon USA wants $70 ... go figure.

Also got a pair of these Yongnuo RF-603NII-N3 Wireless Flash Triggers which work really nice. Unfortunately again much cheaper in the US

good to know... I just need to find some MONEY now... SOMEHOW...? :)


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